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Landscaping Services for Tunbridge Wells & the Wider Kent Area

In addition to building extensions and new homes throughout Tunbridge Wells and the wider Kent area, GM Construction Ltd delivers a broad range of hard landscaping solutions. If you’re looking to develop your garden or similar outside space into a tasteful, unique area in which to relax and unwind, or need a new driveway built from scratch, then we’re the company for you.

More recently, we have expanded our services as a landscaping specialist into the surrounding locations of Crowborough and Hildenborough.

Areas of landscaping we specialise in, include:

Fencing – We can erect lap panel, closeboard, picket or trellis fencing in your front or back garden. Whether it’s to keep out would-be trespassers, provide your property some privacy, or just to complement it on an aesthetic level, garden fencing is important. Contact us and tell us what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll be able to provide advice on the best type of fencing for you.

Driveways – We can design and install you a brand new tarmac, concrete, brick or block paving driveway. Our driveways come with long-term guarantees and are, as our motto reads: “Built to Last”. They’re also distinctly affordable, especially when compared with prices offered by competing hard landscaping companies in Tunbridge Wells and Kent.

Each material has its own advantages. For example, block paving driveways are easy to repair when damaged and can be built in all sorts of attractive patterns/colours. On the other hand, concrete is extremely affordable and easy to install. If you’re unsure which type of driveway will prove best for you, get in contact with us today!

Paving – Another landscaping service we provide clients in Tunbridge Wells is paving. We can lay garden paths complete with transitional stairs, or pave over a flat area, small or large. If you’re a commercial client, you may want an outside area paved as a smoking area for employees, for example. We can lay all types of paving, wherever you need it.

Decking – Timber decking, like our patios detailed lower down on this page, can provide you with a fantastic outside area to enjoy with family and friends. Different types of material, like pressure-treated softwood, redwood, cedar, hardwood can be used achieve all sorts of looks. For more information on the type of decking we can install on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Garden Walls & Raised Beds – As fully qualified bricklayers trained to NVQ 2 & 3 standards, we can build garden walls of any shape and size you can imagine. We can also build raised flowerbeds in your garden, which open up a world of new possibilities for green-thumbed clients in Tunbridge Wells and wider Kent.

Breathe Life into Your Garden with a Patio

One of our areas of speciality within landscaping is the construction of patios. A patio is a great place to host dinner, drinks, barbeques and similar get-togethers in the warmer summer and milder autumn months. It’s also a great place to spend some alone time, getting some fresh air and unwinding after a stressful day.

But on top of that, a well-built patio can significantly improve the value of your property. GM Construction Ltd builds quality patios for homeowners and commercial clients throughout Tunbridge Wells and Kent. Here are a few of the types of patio our landscaping specialists can build for you.

Natural Stone Patio – Natural stone comes in many different forms and varieties, and is characterised by both its durability and unique beauty. Every flagstone or paver you buy, will be a “one-of-a-kind”, featuring imperfections and traits different from the stone next to it. While many forms of natural stone like sandstone and granite make for a great patio, others are less cut out for the job. The main drawback of natural stone is that it tends to be more expensive than other materials available. So Tunbridge Wells homeowners working to a strict budget should keep this in mind.

Reconstituted Stone Patio – Less expensive than the real deal, reconstituted stone is made from a mixture of concrete and ground up natural stone. As it’s manmade, it can be created in more uniform, “consistent” shapes, textures and colours. It’s long-lasting but can often be less than convincing in its impersonation of natural stone. We recommend Tunbridge Wells clients who are seeking a warm-looking and durable patio at an affordable price consider reconstituted stone.

Brick Patio – Another popular patio material is brick, albeit different bricks from what you’d find in your average garden wall. They’re specially manufactured to be hardwearing and weather-resistant. Available in a range of colours and finishes, bricks can be arranged in all sorts of different patterns and styles to bring unique character to even the smallest Tunbridge Wells patio. When choosing a brick patio, it’s vital to ensure the materials you use are of the utmost quality; there are inferior bricks that some patio companies will use to cut costs. But not ours!

Block Paving Patio – Probably the most popular modern patio is one built from block paving. You can mix and match different colour, size and material pavers to create a unique and distinct pattern that sets your patio apart from others around the Tunbridge Wells area. A block paving patio is low maintenance, and if part of it should ever be damaged, the individual pavers can often be replaced – saving on maintenance costs.

Don’t forget that we are now placing a stronger focus than ever before on services in the surrounding Crowborough and Hildenborough areas.

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