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With property in and around Crowborough as expensive as it is now, it makes sense to not just protect, but foster your investment by regularly investing in upkeep and improvement. GM Construction Ltd, as the area’s go-to builder, can help you accomplish just this. Whether it’s by constructing an extension, patio, or by improving long-neglected groundwork and brickwork – we’ll ensure you add a significant amount of value, while improving your day-to-day experience of the property.


That’s what we’ve looked at below… how to add value. If you’d like to discuss ideas for a project with a friendly, knowledgeable builder – pick up the phone and call 01892 325 893, 077549 59 036 or 07988 833 609. We’re located close by Crowborough in Tunbridge Wells, and have completed many an extension, patio and minor groundwork / brickwork project in the locale.



How to Add Value to Your Crowborough Home



Perhaps the most radical way to instantly ramp up the value of your property, while adding lots of space to use however you see fit, is to invest in a single or multi storey extension. Many clients in Crowborough don’t even need planning permission for one, as long as it meets permitted development guidelines, which you can find on the government’s online planning portal website.



A patio is a fantastic investment. Not only are they highly sought after, but one installed by a reputable builder will become an attractive centrepiece to your garden. Crowborough homeowners use them for entertaining friends and family, and having picturesque meals outside when the warm summer days roll by.



It’s just not the creation of new features, like an extension or patio, that can add value to a Crowborough property. Consider how a builder can improve existing elements of your property, like long-neglected brickwork that needs repointing. Or if the groundwork underneath parts of your property, or in the garden, is looking sketchy and liable to fall in – have that improved! Improving existing features can be just as effective, if not more so, than adding new features if there are areas that desperately need to be addressed.



To discuss your home improvement ideas with the Crowborough area’s best-loved builder, pick up the phone and call 01892 325 893, 077549 59 036 or 07988 833 609 today!