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Welcome to the GM Construction Ltd FAQ page. Here we’ve looked to answer a handful of questions in regards to the brickwork, groundwork, landscaping and general construction work we carry out in the Tunbridge Wells area. If you have a query that isn’t answered below, or you’re in the market for a new home, refurbishment, extension, patio or driveway – don’t hesitate to call your local, trusted builder on 01892 325893, 077549 59036 or 07988 833609.

GM Construction Ltd – Tunbridge Wells FAQ

When it comes to landscaping services, what do you offer?


Being primarily a general builder excelling in areas such as groundwork and brickwork, we offer “hard” landscaping services and avoid the horticultural end of the spectrum. Tunbridge Wells clients will usually bring us in to build them a driveway, patio or garden walls. Our many years of experience within the hard landscaping industry mean we can design and build you a bespoke patio or driveway out of any sort of material you fancy – brick, concrete, tarmac, block paving or natural stone.


Each material has its own, distinct advantages and potential drawbacks. If you’re unsure what material will best suit your property, give us a call. A friendly, qualified GM builder will be happy to discuss with you what you’re looking to get out of your patio, driveway or similar hard landscaping feature.


What types of extension can you build for me?


Perhaps the most common type of extension we can deliver you is the single storey side or rear extension. Connecting your new property to your garden and providing you with ample new space to enjoy however you’d like (kitchens and living areas are especially popular), the side/rear extension is a great alternative to moving to a new home when you need a bit of extra room to play with.


Some of our Tunbridge Wells customers, usually those who lack the garden space for a rear extension or who already have one, will recruit us to build a double or multi-storey extension. These see a builder develop upward, rather than outward, building new rooms or enlarging existing ones on the upper levels of a property. Often, these are harder to secure permission for than the typical side or rear extension, but let us worry about that!


Finally there’s the garage extension, which is exactly what it says on the tin. Adding extra space onto your garage can make it ripe for renovation or conversion. This is ideal for Tunbridge Wells homeowners who aren’t using their garage for a vehicle or storage, and who want to add an extra bedroom to their property to significantly boost its value.


Why should I give thought to a refurbishment over moving to a new home?


There are a number of reasons why investing in property refurbishment can beat moving house. Firstly, moving to a new home comes with a lot of baggage. Finding a property, selling your existing one, dealing with estate agents, securing finance or remortgaging, plotting a new route to work or, if you have kids, a route to school – there’s a lot to deal with, and that’s not to mention the paperwork. A refurbishment, whether it’s a complete and utter reboot or just seeing to old worn brickwork and groundwork, can often be a lot less hassle.


What’s more, if your Tunbridge Wells property has a lot of potential but is just a bit “behind the times”, a builder like our own can stage a refurbishment that sympathetically modernises it while maintaining its unique character. This could end up paying for itself, or even make you a profit! So you’re essentially fostering your long-term investment, while immediately improving your living conditions… win/win.


What is underpinning and why might I require it?


A common form of groundwork, underpinning involves the placement of a new, stronger foundation under an existing foundation. This is often required to support old, antiquated Tunbridge Wells properties with decaying or otherwise unsound groundwork.


How sets you apart from a competing Tunbridge Wells builder?


Unlike the average builder, we market ourselves on being able to manage a project from conception through to completion. We can contact any local authorities and secure planning permission/consent for your new project, taking a load off your shoulders. Then we’ll work with an architect and structural engineer to draw up plans for your new home, refurbishment, patio, or whatever it is you’ve tasked us with delivering.


Our team will manage your project, serving as your sole point of contact and ensuring everything goes smoothly. If at any point the assistance of a Tunbridge Wells trade could come in handy, for example an exceptionally talented electrician when wiring an expansive new home, then we’ll get someone on board who’ve we worked with before and we know is trustworthy.


This prevents you from having to manage the project yourself, calling up 10 different trades to take on different aspects of the job, from brickwork to groundwork and everything in between. Leave that with us, your tried and trusted general builder, and sit back and relax. It also reduces the chance you’ll hire someone who isn’t able to match the standard of workmanship offered by others involved.

Have a query that isn’t answered above? Don’t worry! Give a friendly GM Construction builder a call on 01892 325893, 077549 59036 or 07988 833609.