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The Tunbridge Wells Area’s Groundwork & Brickwork Experts

Two key areas that every builder must excel in are groundwork and brickwork. But not every builder does; we spot shoddy examples of both around the Tunbridge Wells and Kent area all the time. Every member of the GM Construction Ltd team is a bricklayer trained to NVQ Level 2 or 3 standard, making us an ideal choice should you ever require high quality groundwork or brickwork carried out in Tunbridge Wells or the wider Kent area.

More recently, we have expanded our services as a builder and groundworker into the surrounding locations of Crowborough and Hildenborough.

Groundwork Specialists for Tunbridge Wells

The term groundwork typically refers to the preliminary work that’s required when launching a construction or development project. Excavating old, worn foundations and laying new ones, for example. Poor quality groundwork can jeopardise an entire project, and make a Tunbridge Wells property either unsafe to live or work in.

But not only will a property built on poor quality foundations be a danger to all those who inhabit it, it will put their financial well-being at risk. It can prove extremely expensive to rectify structural faults if they are found at the base of a property.  That’s why it’s absolutely vital to have an experienced, qualified and insured builder take care of all your groundwork requirements.

It’s also why we carry out underpinning, which is the process of strengthening an existing building’s foundation. Underpinning is often requested by homeowners around Tunbridge Wells who live in older properties that may have been built with antiquated techniques, and on foundations that don’t meet modern standards.

In addition to our work building and strengthening foundations, we build basements that can be used for anything from storage to a guest bedroom. We’re also drainage specialists, and can put into place drainage systems that ensure that when the heaven’s open, as they often do in Tunbridge Wells, your property isn’t left sodden and waterlogged. So call GM Construction Ltd whenever you require any of the following groundwork services:

  • Site preparation
  • Ground improvement
  • New foundations
  • Tarmac & paving
  • Basements & underpinning
  • Drainage

High Quality Brickwork

Working with brickwork may look simple enough, but there’s a science to it. That’s why there are qualifications in place that ensure that bricklayers are able to do their job properly. Whatever aspect of brickwork you require assistance with, choose our qualified, Tunbridge Wells-based team for full peace of mind.

New Walls – We can build new walls of all shapes and sizes, from small garden walls to walls that will support extensions and new homes. Much like badly constructed foundations, badly constructed brickwork can be massively problematic. If an inside or outside wall is to fail, your home could be made vulnerable to collapse. Even if the wall doesn’t support your upper floors or roof, you’ll be left with a huge mess to have to clean up (and a bill for a new wall).

There are a number of techniques that a GM builder can use to construct a new wall in Tunbridge Wells. They include the stretcher bond, where bricks are laid flat alongside each other, and the header bond, where bricks are laid with their head facing the outside surface. Then there are methods which combine the two, such as the Flemish, English and Herringbone bonds. We can quickly figure out which type of bond will best suit the wall you require, so don’t worry even if you aren’t familiar with any aspect of brickwork whatsoever!

Repointing – As brickwork ages, rain erodes the mortar used to fix it in place. Water and moisture can also work its way behind mortar. When the temperatures drops and it freezes, it can expand and force mortar out the wall. Not only can brickwork with eroded mortar look awful, but it can be structurally unsound. To restore it to its former glory, a member of the GM Construction Ltd team can re-point the wall.

This involves using a joint raker to clean out the old, eroded mortar. Then we’ll replace it with quality, modern mortar made with a mix of 6:1:1 builders sand, hydrated lime and cement. A mix like this won’t be as vulnerable to the elements as mortar used by the construction companies of yore, who may have built your Tunbridge Wells property. With repointing it’s all about the finish you achieve, and an amateur repointing job can look dramatically different from a professional one carried out by a GM builder. So don’t choose just anyone to do it!

Don’t forget that we are now placing a stronger focus than ever before on services in the surrounding Crowborough and Hildenborough areas.

For all your groundwork and brickwork needs, call in Tunbridge Wells’ local builder on 01892 325893, 077549 59036 or 07988 833609.